BOLD VISION (Kerr 2000)  29" Early through late. (Citoyen X Lena Baker sib) The latest of our line of zonal variagatas. Bold Vision has the darkest red band of the line. The one and a quarter inch fall band surrounds dark yellow center with a startling white area just under the gold beards. The standards are of darkest yellow. Good bud count.
HM 2002  AM 2006                                                 $5.00
QUEEN'S CIRCLE (Kerr 2000) 32" Midseason to late.(Victoria Circle X Christiana Baker) The culmination of our Emma Cook pattern breeding, Queen's Circle has given us good hight, strong blue edging and tangerine beards. All this in a plant that grows very well and has wonderful branching and bud count. Award of Merit winner. Franklin Cook Cup, 2001. Franklin Cook Cup, 2005 HM 2002  AM. 2004 Silver Medal Florence 2005, John C. Wister Medal 2006 Best of Show (Richardson, TX 2003)  Dykes Medal 2007   $5.00