2008 Introductions 
Between Dreams
(F. Kerr 2008) Sdlg. 00-087-1. TB 34" Midseason. Standards and style arms satin black. Falls velvet black. Beards blue-black.Slight sweet scent. (Anvil of Darkness X Big Apple) Here is a black that holds up to our Central Valley sun and heat. Blooms and increases reliably. Wide petaled and slightly ruffled.              $5.00 
Creative Urge
(F. Kerr 2008) Sdlg. 03-107 BEST. TB, 38" Mid-season. Standards white, sometimes edged brown. Style arms white tipped gold. Falls white with 1/4 to 1/2 inch blue edge which diffuses toward center. Golden brown line at the haft. Beards salomn orange. Slight sweet fragrance. (Revere X (((Neptune's Lantern x (Gypsy Woman x Condottiere) x (Aachen Prince x (Gypsy Woman x Condottiere) x Queen's Circle)). One of the best seedlings from the Queen's Circle line. Striking and impossing, we had offers to buy it on maiden bloom! Nicely ruffled with wide form. Good parent. Good increase.      $5.00
(F. Kerr 2008) Sdlg. 97-045B TB, 36" M. Dark blue-violet self with a lighter area around the red beards. Slight sweet fragrance. ((Target x Skyblaze) X Star Fleet). The high impact beards are wonderful contrast to the dark petals. Good garden presence when partnered with pinks and yellows.     $5.00
Ray Dale Kerr
(F. Kerr 2008) Sdlg. 03-021A. TB, 34" Midseason. Standards and style arms golden yellow. Falls golden yellow with a 3/4 inch reddish brown band. Beards golden yellow tipped orange. Slight sweet fragrance. (((Lena Baker x (Fresno Folic x Dear Jean)) x Next Millennium) X Sib) Vivid color that demands attention. Good branching and bud count and a moderate increaser. Named for my brother who died in the Korean Conflict. He was Ray Dale to the family and Ray to his friends. He was an enthusiastic trout fisherman and in many ways the best of his mother's children.                                                      $5.00
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