2009 Introductions

Bohemian Rhapsody
(Fred Kerr 2009) Seedling Number 03-003A Border Bearded 26" tall
Midseason bloom
For those who like their irises a bit shorter and more wind resistant! A medium pink with a wide violet-blue band and tangerine orange beards. Good branching and bud count and a good increaser. Wonderful in a two year clump. Parentage: ((Chevalier De Malte x Bold Vision) X ((Lena Baker x (Fresno Flash x Dear Jean) x Next Millennium)))    $5.00

Dream You
(Fred Kerr 2009) Seedling Number 00-094A Tall Bearded 29" tall
Midseason bloom
Here is an introduction for the front of the iris bed. Crystalline white standards over white falls which have texture lines and an interesting double edge. The outside edge is medium blue-violet and the inner edge is darker and diffuses toward the center of the petal. Yellow beards. Good branching with seven buds for a long bloom season. (Bold Vision X Queen's Circle)                                                                                                                          $5.00

Nessun Dorma
(Fred Kerr 2009) Seedling number 03-041B Tall Bearded 37" tall
Midseason bloom
For me the quality of an operatic tenor is measured in how well he sings 'Nessun Dorma' from Puccini's Turandot. I offer this iris in tribute of the greatest tenor of my lifetime, Luciano Pavoratti. The picture is a good representation of this exceptional flower which should bring blue ribbons and best of shows to the exhibitor. Wonderful accordion pleating on the wide falls which are ivory edged apricot. The apricot standards a veined darker. From two of my most popular introductions. Parentage (Jane Troutman X Joyce Ragle)   $5.00

(Fred Kerr 2009)  Seedling number 99-060C Tall Bearded 40" tall
Midseason through late bloom
Here is a new contribution to what are variously called six-falled, flat tall bearded iris or Japanese flowered tall bearded. Reminiscent of the double Japanese iris, the tall bearded version is on a well branched stalk with a good bud count. Flower of eight  to ten inches are not uncommon on Orbison. In real life the flower is much darker than the picture shows. Velvety blue-black with whitish rays around the bronze beards. Parentage (Diabolique X (World Tour x Kathleen Kay Nelson)    Out Of Stock
Singular Sensation
(Fred Kerr 2009) Seedling number 02-056E Tall Bearded 36" Tall
Midseason through late bloom
This variety gave us spectacular bloom in 2008 and stopped everyone passing it in the garden. A wonderful blend of red and apricot the overall impression is of light red tops over apricot falls, but closer inspection shows that the standards are veined darker red while the falls give the impression of being apricot with a diffused dark copper edge. The falls are veined darker apricot and have an interesting dark apricot blaze below the flaming red-orange beards. Excellent stalk with a minimum of eight buds. Parentage (Blaze of Glory X (Fashionably Late x Bloodline))   $5.00
Honor Flight
(Fred Kerr 2009) Seedling Number 03-109-1 Tall Bearded 38" tall 
Early-Midseason bloom
In 2004 the National World War II Memorial was dedicated in Washington, D.C.  Honor Flight was conceived to fly veterans, whose youngest members are now 78 years old, to Washington D.C. to visit the memorials  honoring their service. This iris honors that program.
Beautifully formed in crisp ruffled white with a strong blue edge and gold beards. Parentage: (Revere X (Double Bubble x (Queen's Circle x (Kathleen Kay Nelson x Queen's Circle))))
$5,00                                                                                                                                    $6.00 

Spring Bliss
(Fred Kerr 2009) Seedling number 00-094-1 Tall Bearded 28" 
Early through midseason bloom Reblooms
Here is a variety to put a smile on your face! Very smooth, it reminds of highly glazed porcelain. Soft yellow standards over pure white falls with a strong blue-violet edge with yellow beard hairs tipped gold. Moderate increase with well branched stalks with good bud count. Spring Bliss is a smaller tall beard, getting this from its pod parent. Very satisfying to grow. Parentage (Bold Vision X Queen's Circle)   $5.00

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