2010 Introductions

Connoisseur's Choice
(Fred Kerr 2010) Tall Bearded 38" Midseason bloom
((Alpine Spring x Double Bubble) X Queen's Consort)
There are vaieties that are not flashy, but these sometimes attract the attention of the irisarian who can see past flash and dash to the essence of quality. These irisarians are the connoisseurs and the present variety has frequently been their favorite in our garden. Alpine white standards, domed and extravagantly ruffled coupled with white style arms and crests. The arching and ruffled falls present a wide expanse of medium blue which is slightly lighter around the beards which are also white only turning yellow deep in the throat. Faultless branching and superior bud count on a plant that is an excellent increaser. $5.00

Greatest Show On Earth 
(Fred Kerr 2010) Tall Bearded 36" Midseason bloom (Modern Era X (( Lena Baker x (Fresno Frolic x Dear Jean)) x Next Millennium))
Here is flash and dash in a sophisticated package. No one can ignore the Greatest Show On Earth. Domed and well ruffled melon orange standards and style crests over velvet black falls which have a pink zone pattern around the tangerine tipped melon beards. Reddish black lines extend through the zone. Well branched with a good bud count. The pod parent is a reliable rebloomer.                                                                                           $5.00

Here In Silence
(Fred Kerr 2010) Tall Bearded 38" tall
Midseason bloom (Alpine Lace X Queen's Circle)
Sometimes silence is both eloquent and elegant as in this child of Queen's Circle. The vase shaped standards are white with an infusion of silvery blue up the midrib. Wide, nicely ruffled falls are silvery blue, slightly lighter aound the beards and slightly darker at the edges. The beards are golden yellow. Good plant habits and excellent garden presence.  In recognition of our military personel who have sacrificed so much.           $6.50

Kachina Dancer
(Fred Kerr 2010) Tall Bearded 35" tall 
Midseason bloom ((Lena Baker x (Fresno Frolic x Dear Jean)) X Next Millennium)
This wonderful zonal is a sibling of Kathy Chilton and it seems appropriate to develop the Southwest theme by the name I chose. Sunshine yellow standards that are nicely ruffled. The falls are dark red with a narrow rim of lighter brownish edge, edged again by a dark red rim. The dark yellow zone around the beard has brownish red veins. Beards are yellow. Moderately fast increase.                                                                                                   $5.00

Midnight Toccata
(Fred Kerr 2010) Tall Bearded  38" tall
Midseason (Louisa's Song X (Fatal Attraction x Romantic Evening)) I wanted to put a tangerine beard on Fatal Attraction. It took two generations, but the wait was worth it. Medium blue domed and ruffled standards over near black which have coral red beards. Large flowers, good ruffling. Imposing plant.         Out of Stock                                                                          
Only In Dreams
 (Fred Kerr 2010)  Tall Bearded 40" tall
Midseason (Mildred Anne X World Class)
This sibling of Amethyst Magic is large in all its parts. Blue-white domed and ruffled standards over dark red-violet falls with blue white beards. The falls are edged with a half inch violet band. Good form, good ruffling and big flower. Good increaser and imposing in the landscape.    Out of Stock
Bohemian Garnets
(Fred Kerr 2010) Tall Bearded 38" tall Midseason bloom
((Double Vision x (Big Apple x Cherry Glen)) X King's Point)

Every iris collection has room for at least one stately and imposing red iris. 
'Bohemian Garnets' has wonderful branching and bud count coupled with ruffled standards over semi-flaring falls. Standard coloring is dark maroon and the falls are the same with a darkening toward the edge. The area around the beard is slightly lighter with a hint of blue. The beards are maroon with each hair tipped tangerine. The parentage combines Kerr, Ghio and Maryott lines for a beautiful flower and vigor  $6.50

Judy Nunn
(Fred Kerr 2010) Tall Bearded 35" tall
Midseason (Bel Espirit X Ghio 95-1Q)
This variety combines Keppel and Ghio lines to create a pink and orange blend with coral tangerine beards. The standards are pink with a hint of orange. The falls are pinkish orange with a hint of darker orange at the hafts. There are violet lines from the beard to within a half inch of the edge of the falls. Medium sized flowers with nice form. Good branching and bud count. Named in honor of Judy Nunn. Out of Stock                                                                                                                        O
(Fred Kerr 2010)  Tall Bearded 35" tall 
 Midseason and rebloom (Lena Baker X Queen's Circle) This combines my best yellow and red Emma Cook patterns with one of the best white and blue Emma Cook patterns. The standards are domed and light ivory in color. The falls have white ground color with yellow hafts and a wide blue edge. Inside this edge is a band of light blue. The beards are lemon yellow. From lines that frequently produce rebloom.     Out of Stock
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