2011 Introductions

(Fred Kerr 2011) Sdlg. 03-001-2 Tall bearded. 40" tall. Midseason to late. (Gallant Theme x (Gallant Theme x Wild Thing) X Kathy Chilton sib.)
Large, ruffled and laced flowers on tall stalks. The domed standards are medium apricot with a hint of red violet at the base and up the center of the petals. The semi-flaring falls are maroon, darker at the center and lighter toward the petal edge which has a quarter to half inch wide pinkish gray band, The area beside the red orange beards is also pinkish gray crossed with maroon veins. Great branching.                          $6.00

(Fred Kerr 2011) Sdlg. 02-050A. Tall Bearded. 39" tall. Midseason to late bloom. ((Astrid Cayeux x Christiana Baker) x unknown) X Keppel 98-047A: (Prince George x Braggadocio). Standards are domed and medium pink with a hint of lavender. The falls are medium pink, lighter toward the center of the petal and the hafts are darker pink. The edge of the falls have a half inch light blue lavender band. Bright red-orange beards. Good branching and bud count.                                 $6.00

(Fred Kerr 2011) Sdlg. 04-024A. Tall bearded. 38" tall. Midseason bloom. ((Local Color x Gallant Theme) x (Romantic Evening x Gallant Theme)) X Ghio 98-3f, sib to Applause Line pollen parent) Dramatic contrast. The standards are domed and light sky blue. Sky blue style crests are tipped milk chocolate brown. Falls are semi-flaring and plush black in color. There are five to eight white cat's whiskers on each side of the contrast red orange beards. Excellent branching and bud count.          Out of Stock,

(Fred Kerr 2011) Sdlg. 02-050B. Tall bearded. 38" tall Midseason to late bloom. Sibling to Angel Within. White beard hairs are heavily tipped red orange. The domed and ruffled standards are white with the slightest hint of pink. The white falls are semi-flaring with yellow hafts. The big features on the fall edge markings. The edge can have one to three bands of blue. Most commonly there is a wide medium blue band with an inner band of light blue and sometimes with a third, lighter band on the outer edge.                                                                                  $6,00

(Fred Kerr 2011) Sdkg, 03-030-1. Tall bearded. 40" tall. Midseason bloom. (Queen's Circle x Puccini) X Ghio 88-118P, Snowed In pod parent. Domed and ruffled standards are light blue white. The real story is the pattern of the falls. Basic fall color is dark plush purple with a large white area crossed withe numerous are veins which surrounds the gold beards. The falls are set off by a sky blue edge around the falls. $6.00

(Fred Kerr 2011) Sdlg. 03-001-1. Tall bearded 42" tall. Midseason bloom. Sibling to Ancient Charm. Ruffled and domed standards are pinkish taupe with a lavender infusion up the center of the petal. Falls ruffled and semi-flaring. Light red lavender overall with just a hint of a wire edge of taupe. Red orange beards. Tall with extra large flowers and elegant demeanor. Quality rather than flashy,  Cosmic Elegance commands attention. No one walks past it without pausing for a better look.  $6.00

(Fred Kerr 2011) Sdlg. 99-061-1. Tall bearded. 40" tall. (Double Bubble X Aquamarine Dream) Coming from two blue parents, this blue on white plicata was unexpected in the cross. It was the only plicata out of about 60 seedlings.Domed and ruffled standards are white with a blue plicata edge and a blue line up the center of the petal. style crests are solid blue Falls are white with a blue plicata edge which is narrow at the tip of the petal and becomes wider toward the hafts. Blue beside the beards with an arrowhead of blue at the tip of the light blue beards. Tall and classy.                                                                                                 $6.00

(Fred Kerr 2011) Sdlg. 03-108A (Revere X (((Neptune's Lantern x (Gypsy Woman x Conndottiere)) x (Gypsy Woman x Condottiere)) x Queen's Circle)) Tall bearded 38" tall. Midseason bloom. My personal favorite of this year's introductions. The standards are erect and ruffled and of a baby ribbon pink with slightly darker center. The style arms are pink as well. The ruffled and semi-flaring falls are a slightly lighter pink than the standards and even lighter around the beards. The hafts are dark pink. Falls edged with a narrow band of baby boy blue. All this a tons of personality to boot.                                                       Out of Stock

(Fred Kerr 2011) Sdlg. 04-062A. Tall bearded 38" tall. (American Maid X Under the Tuscan Sun) Early through mid-season bloom. Wonderful form from Kevin's Theme  and Shadow Warrior lines. Standards are straw yellow overlayed with red violet. Falls are light taupe with a diffuse yellow edge and blue violet blaze. Beards are antique gold. Terrific branching and bud count.                                                          $6.00

(Fred Kerr 2011) Sdlg. 03-017A. Tall bearded. 36" tall. (((Haute Couture x Magic Raiment) x Social Graces) X Recherche) Early through midseason bloom. Heavily laced and domed standards are lavender. Falls lighter with darker edge. White beards. If you like lace, you will want this one.                                                                             $6.00
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