2012 Introductions
(Fred Kerr 2012) Sdlg. 04-062B. Tall Bearded. 38" (American Maid X Under the Tuscan Sun) Sibling to 'Raindow Shadows'. Here is another wonderful addition to our productive line of blends. 'Bronze Warrior" joins 'Shadow Warrior' in the battle for a placement in the garden beside all those strongly colored selfs and bicolors. They are accent colors adding variation to the rainbow border. The present example is a warm blend of topaz and pinkish lavender set off with a blue blaze below the antique gold beards. The standards are more darkly colored than the falls giving a slightly dark top effect. Good grower.                                               $6.00

(Fred Kerr 2012) Sdlg. 05-035-2. Tall bearded. 30" tall. Midseason bloom. Reblooms. (((Dazzling Jewel x Astrid Cayeau x Christiana Baker) x Schreiner EE-203A)) x (((Neptune's  Lantern x (Gypsy Woman x Condottiere)) x (Gypsy Woman x Condottiere) x Queen's Circle)) X Spring Bliss) This variety extends back almost to my first crosses thirty-five years ago. The line has produced several oustanding Queen's Circle pattern varieties, but none quite like 'Chocolatle Halo'. The very saturated yellow standards are only slightly darker than the falls which are strongly edged chocolate. Nothing else like it.                                 $6.00

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(Fred Kerr 2012) Sdlg. 06-035B. Tall bearded. 38" tall. Midseason bloom. (Dream You X (Revere x ((Gypsy Woman x Condottiere) x (Neptune's Lantern x (Gypsy Woman x Condottiere)) x Queen's Circle))) Stylish in all its parts 'Glacier Fire' has just a kiss of lavender on the edge of the white standards and style crests. Flaring white falls with a strong blue violet edge are moderately ruffled and accented with strong red pepper beards. 'Queen's Circle' with red beards!                                $6.00

(Fred Kerr 2012) Sdlg. 03-110A1. Tall bearded 38" tall. Midseason bloom. (Revere X (Bold Vision x Romantic Evening)) A symphony of pastels to delight the eye with beautifully domed white standards with just a hint of ivory at the flower base darkening to yellow at the haft. The beautifully ruffled falls are white with a tint of ivory becoming darker yellow beside the beards and onto the hafts. The beautiful mauve edge starts narrow at the base of the petal becoming wider around the falls to the maximum width at the tip of the falls. Beards are dark yellow finely tipped orange in the throat. Altogether a charming flower on very nice stalks. Out of Stock

.(Fred Kerr 2012) Sdlg. 04-037A. Tall bearded. 44” tall. Early midseason to late bloom. (Kisses Like Wine X Decadence) This variety commands attention because of the large size of the flowers and the wonderful branching and number of stalks per clump. No one walks past ‘Jeanne Clay Plank’ without pausing to enjoy. Basic color is like precious topaz with the ruffled apricot standards suffused with pink from the base. The edges are slightly laced. The wide hafted falls are apricot with a large lavender center and heavily veined dark red violet. Bright red orange beards accent this fantastic creation. It's a beauty!                                          $6.00

(Fred Kerr 2012) Sdlg. 05-019-3. Tall bearded. 38" tall. Mid-season bloom. (New Day Dawning X ((Bold Vision x Schreiner EE-203A) x (Lena Baker x Clothed In Glory sib x Next Millennium))) Modern it is with great form and complex patterning of the falls. This is the 'Queen's Circle' pattern with a completely different set of colors applied delecately in some areas, boldly in others. The epitome of this breeding line.                                  $6.00
Fred Kerr 2012) Sdlg. 04-066B1. Tall bearded. 36" tall. Midseason bloom. (Cherished Friendship X Stop Flirting) Every now and again a seedling appears in a cross that is completely unexpected. This was the case with 'Moon Spirit'. Such a different and delightful flower. Subtile coloring of slate blue centers and straw yellow edges applied to both the standards and the falls. Good branching and stalks coupled with reasonable increase make this a candidate for the gardener who appreicates something different.                                                                   $6.00  
(Fred Kerr 2012) Sdlg. 02-049-1. Border bearded. 30" Midseason to lage bloom. ((Winning Edge x (Quick Pick x (Blazing Sunrise x Guadalajara))) X Return Address) What 'Precious Halo' lacks in size, it more than makes up for in charm. The standard color is what gemologists call precious topaz when it appears in that gemstone. The fall pattern is a precission wonder of topaz on immaculate white. The pattern is repeated on the inside of the standards and set off with a tangerine beard          $12.00
(Fred Kerr 2012) Sdlg. 03-011A. Tall bearded. 42" tall. Midseason bloom. ((Queen's Circle x Gallant Theme) X Louisa's Song). Here is a big red bearded amoena whose breeding potential has yet to be explored. Makes a good show in the border as well as a good impression with visitors. It has an undescribable quality of personality that must be seen to be appreciated. Good flower, great stalks.                                         $6.00