GOT THE LOOK (Fred Kerr 2013)
 Sdlg. No. 05-061C. TB 38" M. ((Dear Jean x Starring) X Decadence)) Sophisticated flower on strong stalks with great branching and bud count. Wonderful red bicolor that has been a favorite with garden visitors.                                                                               Out of Stock
GINNY MITCHEL(Fred Kerr 2013)
  Sdlg. No. 05-10410. TB 36"  E-M. ((American Master sib x Creative Urge) X Queen's Robe) The most exciting of my pink Emma Cook creations. Has a long bloom season starting with shorter stalks and ending with taller ones. Excellent parent and magical garden presence.                                                                      $8.00
FANCY LACE (Fred Kerr 2013 )
 Sdlg. No. 05-121-2. TB 40" M. ((Alpine Lace x Queen's Circle) X (Haute Couture x (Magic Raiment sib x Magic Raiment))) I have worked this laced line for three generation and with this introduction have gotten what I wanted. Big in all its parts and geat garden effect.         $7.00
BLUE RAPTURE (Fred Kerr 2013)
 Sdlg. No. 03-088-1. TB 40" M. (Kathleen Kay Nelson X Louisa's Song) Commanding stalks with great branching and large flower. From two premium parents                                                                         Out of Stock
BERTHA BROWNLEE (Fred Kerr 2013)
Sdlg. 05-093-1 TB 30" E-M. (At First Blush X Treasured) Two branches, spur and terminal for 7 or 8 buds. Good clump former.                         $7.00
LYNN WILLIAMS (Fred Kerr 2013)
 Sdlg. No. 05-090C. 39" M-L. (Stop Flirting X smoke lavender sdlg.) This seedling stood out from its siblings which ranged from pink and amber blends go white blends, all with tangerine beards. Tall with impressive show stalks.                                                          $7.00
MANGO QUEEN (Fred Kerr 2013) 
Sglg. No. 05-061F. TB 42" M-L. (Sib to 'Got the Look'.) No one walks by 'Mango Queen' without stopping to admire the giant flowers on big stalks. Foliage matches in size. Good increase and show stalks.                                                                                                            $10.00
MARY CONTRARY (Fred Kerr 2013)
 Sdlg. No. 05-115-1. TB 38" M. ((Beg to Differ x Queen's Circle sib) X New Perspective) Wow! One of the very few 6-falled varieties coming from two flat parents. Can open three flowers at a time on heavy stalks.   $8.00
NEW FOUND GLORY (Fred Kerr 2013)
 Sdlg. No. 05-036F. TB 36" M-L. (Bold Vision X (Ghio 98-3F x Kathy Chilton sib)) Bicolors with standards edged in a contrasting color are a relatively new pattern in the bearded irises. The edge color in his example ranges from near black through dark chocolate to milk chocolate depending on the temperature of the season. The width of the edge tends to be wider with cooler temperatures.  A color bonus is the yellow coloring of the style crests                   
Out of Stock
SAPPHIRE LACE (Fred Kerr 2013)
 Sdlg. No. 03-126A1 TB 29" E-M. Parentage lost. I have been working on an Emma Cook pattern with lace for several years. Although the exact parentage has been lost, this seedling doubtless comes from 'Alpine Lace' crossed with 'Queen's Circle' lines. Rather short with strongly flaring falls. The strong lacing is difficult to photograph, but will please lace fans.                             $7.00 
 Sdgl. No. 05-033-13. TB 42" M.  (Spring Bliss X ((Dazzling Jewel x ((Astrid Cayeaux x Christiana Baker) x Schreiner 203-A)) x (((Neptune's Lantern x (Gypsy Woman x Condottiere)) x (Gyspy Woman x Condottiere)) x Queen's Circle))   Another big, tall iris that attracts the eye and gets our admiration.                     $8.00
TIGER PLAY (Fred Kerr 2013)
 Sdlg. NO. 05-036-1. TB 38" M. (Bold Vision X (Ghio 98-3F x Kathy Chilton sib)) Here is a different sort of color breaker. No two flowers the same. Some falls, some flowers, some stalks with no color breaking at all. It's a puzzlement.                                       $8.00 
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