(Fred Kerr 2014) Sdlg. No. 05-090B, Tall Bearded, 36", Midseason. (Sibling to Lynn Williams (F. Kerr 2013)) Medium sized flower with pinkish amber standards with red-lavender flush from the base. Style crests are amber and the falls are pinkish amber, darker at the hafts. Center of the fall is blue lavender. Good growth habits and terrific branching with seven or more buds.                                                                         $8.00
(Fred Kerr 2014) Slg. No.  05-101-1, Tall Bearded, 38", Midseason. (Thinking of You X Joyce Ragle) Lucious white with ruffling and shearding at the edges. Slightly open but ridged standards over semi-flaring falls. Pinkish yellow hafts. Strong red beards tipped white. The only white from a cross of two pink parents. Terrific branching and several more than the required seven buds. Wonderful in a clump.                      $8.00
(Fred Kerr 2014) Sdlg. No. 06-039A, Tall bearded, 38", Midseason. (Bohemian Rhapsody sibling X ((((Astrid Cayeux x Christiana Baker) x Keppel 9847B:(Prince George x Braggadocio))))) This line started in an attempt to produce a good blue and white Emma Cook pattern. Nailed it with Queen's Circle. Then I wanted a good blue and white Emma Cook with tangerine beards. Several introductions, including Creative Urge, showed up. Then I wanted a trangerine bearded, blue and white Emma Cook with a large flower. The result is Betty Ford. Large flower tall stalks with good branching and bud count. Named for a long time friend of our garden and stalwart of the Santa Rosa Iris Society                                                                                    $10.00
(Fred Kerr (2014) Sdlg. No. 05-060-10. Tall bearded. 36" Midseason ((Gallant Theme x (Gallant Theme x Wild Vision)) X Mastery) Five colors go into the makeup of this stunning variety. The standards are bold yellow, but the falls have four distinct color zones. The base color of the petal is lavender. There is an olive tan edge and a reddish brown center with the area beside be beards whie the dark brown veining. Add to this a bold personality and we have a garden winner.                             $8.00

(Fred Kerr 2014) Sdg. No. 06-023-1. Tall bearded 36" Midseason ((Kisses Like Wine x Decadence) X ((Local Color x Gallant Theme) x (Romantic Evening x Gallant Theme)) x Ghio 98-3F: (Vizier slg. x Starring)) Some will call it a neglecta, others a blue, dark red bicolor, but what ever it is called it is wonderful. Big flower with very interesting standards. Although the overall standard color is blue violet, the edge is the thing. In warm weather, such as when the above photo was taken, the edge is tan and just under a fourth of an inch wide. In cooler springs it is both wider and darker. The falls are plush and velvety dark, dark red. Excellent branching and bud count.                         Out of Stock 

(Fred Kerr 2014) Sdg. No. 05-101-15. Tall bearded 38" Midseason (Thinking of You X Joyce Ragle) A confection of cameo white tinted with cameo pink which is darker on the standards. Hafts darker still. Excellent branching and bud count with very good increase. Large flower to turn heads. Third generation of a line that started with Tender Mercy and produces great pinks and whites in each generation.            $8.00
(Fred Kerr 2014) Sdg. No. 05-003-1. Tall bearded 36" Midseason ((Next Millennium x (Lena Baker x Let's Boogie)) X New Day Dawning) There are too few yellow patterns in tall bearded iris but French Lessons adds one more. The pattern is not easy to describe. The inside of the standards is white with a yellow edge, while the outside of the standards is yellow with an inner edge of white and an outer edge of yellow. The pattern on the falls challenges the describer even more. The falls are mostly yellow with and inner edge of white and a wire edge of yellow. There is a white blaze from the end of the beards almost to end of the falls. The white blaze has some heavy yellow veins. Sometimes there are narrow blue veins in the center of the fall. Garden effect is a happy sunny variety that could add interest to any garden.                              $8.00 
(Fred Kerr 2014) Sdlg. No. 07-017B. Tall bearded 36" Midseason (Marching Band X Modern Drama) My favorite form for the flower of a tall bearded iris. The orange taupe standards are extravagantly ruffled and arched over the tangerine orange beards. The falls are basically white the orange taupe flowing out from the hafts and with an outer band of dark red-violet with a lighter lavender inside halo. Wonderful salks with plenty of buds. A bit of attitude and a bit of glamour for the garden and the bench.        $10.00  
(Fred Kerr 2014) Sdlg. No. 03-042-1. Tall bearded 32" Midseason (Come Running X Louisa's Song) The broken color pattern can show up in nearly any cross, but this variety came from a cross get just the result pictured: tangerine beards, large flower size and modern form.  The pod parent, Come Running was a yellow ground with broken brown markings and yellow beards. I had planned the  cross that produced Come Running to introduce tangerine beards into my broken color line. I knew the seedlings produced from the cross would have yellow beards, but carry the tangerine gene. I wanted the mate for Coming Running to have tangerine beards and strong blue or lavender coloring. Louisa's Song was perfect. Only about 1 in 25 seedlings from broken color crosses show the broken color pattern and Mint Mark was the first seedling from the cross to bloom. The markings are extremely variable in extent. Some flowers seem to be mauve pink with no markings, but closer inspection usually finds a tell tale red-violet splash. Other flowers are heavily marked. An attention getter for sure.   $10.00                                                                                                             
(Fred Kerr 2014) Sdg. No. 05-099-15. Tall bearded 36" Midseason (Runaway Romance X Tender Mercy) The light pink standards are ruffled and domed over the large pink style crests. The falls are semi-flaring in light pink with light gold hafts beside the tangerine beards. The second pink we are introducing this year, but they are quite different and a nice contrast with each other. Blyth's Runaway Romance teamed up with my foundation pink breeder Tender Mercy  to produce this delight.     $10.00