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New Introductions
WELCOME to my 2014 catalog of bearded irises. This is my 35th year of breeding bearded irises. The 2014 season has the promise of interesting new things in the seedling patch. The ruling factor in the garden this year is the unpresidented drought. In view of this, over half of our old seedling beds will not be irrigated. It will be survival of the fittest for these seedlings and anything that does well will be candidate for breeding drought resistant seedlings.
There will be several thousand maiden bloom seedlingss to evaluate was well as a few hundred reselects. A challenge of what promises to be a hot bloom season will be to get seed pods from our crosses. Nothing defines a successful breeding season more than temperature. Hot temps can cut successful pollenations by over 75%. We will try to have pollenations finished by 7 AM for the greatest chance of success.